Scott Letourneau is founder of The Top 5% Club. He is also the CEO and founder of Nevada Corporate Planners, a leader in providing corporate entity and business formation services. Since 1997, NCP has specialized in helping you select and form the optimal, most appropriate corporate entity for your unique business situation. We pride ourselves on our ability to give you the maximum competitive advantage possible in today’s tough business climate.

With over a decade’s experience as CEO of my own successful company (, I’m constantly asked (if not begged) to start a regular monthly training program. But when I take on a new project, I want to do it right. After designing and refining my own methods and strategies, then deciding how best to convey them to you, I’ve finally decided to let the rest of the world in on my secrets to success.

The Top 5% Club is considered by many professionals to be the best coaching program in the world. Why such rave reviews from my fellow business instructors — and even my competition? Well, some say I may be the best-rounded, most qualified person in the country to discuss everything from setting up the proper entity to marketing on the Internet.

Here’s what Sandy Botkin, Tax Attorney, Certified Public Accountant and Best-Selling Author has to say about my and my company’s expertise:

As I note in my bestselling book, “Lower Your Taxes: BIG TIME,” if you are going to incorporate, you should seriously consider doing so in Nevada. When I get asked what incorporating companies I would recommend doing this, I unhesitatingly recommend Nevada Corporate Planners as being among the best.I have a number of reasons for this. First, I have found them to be very honest. It actually amazes me that they talk a number of people out of incorporating there if it isn’t right for the client’s situation. This is like Wal-Mart recommending Sears for certain things. Their commitment to being honorable is most laudable in today’s “fast, get-rich quick” mentality that I see in many businesses.

Secondly, if incorporating or being a limited liability company is right for the client, they are very professional in the way that they handle the job. Everything is done with thoroughness and precision.

Accordingly, I highly recommend this company for any incorporating services or agency services.”

Sandy Botkin, Tax Attorney and Certified Public Accountant. Author of “Lower Your Taxes — Big Time.” He is listed in “Who’s Who in Business.”

Seminars and books sell you on forming an LLC or a Corporation as if one simple, cookie-cutter answer will solve your every last problem. In fact, dozens of companies have popped up over the last ten years that promise to help you form an LLC, and S-Corp, or a C-Corp in one day. And the truth is, they can and do. But that telephone sales rep with the quick and easy answers was probably selling cell phones last month. Is that any way to get top-notch, cutting edge business advice

I can assure you, it’s not. After years of hearing horror stories from hundreds of “business owners” that thought they’d save a few dollars by going the budget route, I’d finally had enough. I just couldn’t stand the fact that people were losing tens of thousands of dollars. Their improperly structured business entities were literally costing them a fortune, all because some seminar guru or telephone sales shark went for the easy sale.

Those trusting business owners had been rushed through the paperwork so quickly that they felt foolish asking questions. Then after collecting their fees, those slick salespeople were off to their next “victims,” never to be heard from again — no follow-ups to answer questions, to ensure maximum tax or other benefits and definitely no assistance in helping new business owners grow their business. (If 95% of all small businesses fail within five years, what’s the likelihood that you may fall into that same 95% if you don’t do something differently?)

So What is This Top 5% Club Coaching Program Going to Do for Me and My Business Dreams?

I solved all of those concerns with this release of The Top 5% Club — the World’s Only Complete Corporate Coaching Program.

I’m truly hoping that you take fullest advantage of the complete package of cutting edge tools that I’ve put together for you.

To Your Ongoing Business Success,

Scott Letourneau
The Top 5% Club

P.S. You will learn dozens of distinctions on how to maximize your direct sales and other business opportunities and take your business and life to an entire new level! That is my real passion and I am looking forward to working with you and helping your business succeed!