Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with the name, “The Top 5% Club”?
As you may know, 95% of business owners fail within the first 5 years, and our goal for you is to be part of the Top 5% that succeed! That requires you master two skills: first, the skill to earn profits in the shortest period of time possible and second, to keep them. Your membership will include content, resources and training on both skills. In fact, The Top 5% Club is the ONLY membership program in the world that focuses on these two critical skills!

How do you decide whom to interview each month?
There are several factors involved. First, they must either help you make profits faster or keep your money and assets. Second, they must have a solid track record of adding value. Third, they must be able to train and teach in a teleseminar format. Fourth, we look for subjects based upon questions and feedback from our members. A similar process is used for the articles and content that is delivered with the monthly newsletter that is jammed packed with strategies to grow your business and keep your net worth.

What questions do I ask Scott Letourneau on the call-in day as a Gold Member that pays $47.00 per month?
As a paid Gold Member that pays $47 per month, you have a free opportunity each month during the call-in day to ask questions via email or direct phone access to Scott Letourneau (his hour rate separately is $400). The call-in day is usually on the first Thursday of each month. They are from 3-5 pm PST. It is first come, first served are about 10-15 minutes in length. You can ask questions that refer to strategies to make money for your business including joint ventures, marketing (on and offline)…or how to protect and keep your assets, to steps to transition from a sole proprietorship to a separate legal entity. You may need a resource, which is one of the most valuable ways to use your time. Scott is very connected and may have the ideal resource to help you out. You will receive an email a few days before each call-in day with the phone number and instructions.

You have so much content and strategies in the Top 5% Club, how do I best find what I need?
You have access to our Top5% Club Resource Guide which breaks down all our content from monthly interviews and newsletter articles into categories where you may need support. The first column lists all the problems you may be experiencing in your business and where to find all the solutions within the Top 5% Club! This will save you a lot of time and help you receive maximum value for your membership.

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